The Rant: Bruce Sterling #SXSW

Every year, my favorite part of SXSW is Bruce Sterling’s clos­ing rant. Ster­ling is a sci­ence-fic­tion writer, futur­ist, and self-described “Design Crit­ic for things not yet made.” Every year, I hear new­bies describe his per­for­mance as “dis­joint­ed.” Well, yeah: so is the real­i­ty he’s describ­ing. Every year, he lifts the veil of exu­ber­ant long boom tech­no-pup­py opti­mism to remind us, not with­out kind­ness, of cur­rent dystopic real­i­ty and warn us about what to keep an eye on as we all skip hap­pi­ly down the road toward tom­mor­row­land.

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