Bite-sized knowledge snippets from SXSW

Apor­is­tic learn­ings from SXSW so far:

A bul­let point in a pow­er­point which wraps is not a bul­let point, it´s just a bad sen­tence.

If you want incre­men­tal improve­ments, ask your users. If you want break­throughs, ignore every­body. @kathysierra

We got more going on than we think. We could do a few things to cre­ate a 21st cen­tu­ry we could be proud of. #bruces­ter­ling

Key to civ­i­liza­tion is how a soci­ety treats chil­dren, the elder­ly, the home­less, the down­trod­den and the debased. #bruces­ter­ling

The elder­ly will be the back­bone of the non-com­mer­cial social web. They’re not so weak they can’t hit the return key. #bruces­ter­ling

Took #bruces­ter­ling’s advice, Googled Oba­ma­trons, best head­line: Oba­ma­trons sing ‘Oba­malu­jah’

Kit­tens wake up your brain. @kathysierra

The surest way to guar­an­tee noth­ing inter­est­ing hap­pens is to assume you know exact­ly how to do it. @kathysierra

Sec­ond life is dead? GREAT, we love dead things.” –Colleen Mor­gan at archae­ol­o­gy pan­el

When audi­ence goes into Black­ber­ry prayer mode: Hands come togeth­er, head bows… I know I have lost you. Craig Ball

#cshirky: The inter­net is the largest group of peo­ple who care about read­ing and writ­ing ever assem­bled in his­to­ry.

Recipe for lever­ag­ing the Wis­dom of Crowds online: Small sim­ple tasks, given to Large Diverse groups, Designed for Self­ish­ness in which results aggre­gate.

Your spam fil­ter is mil­lions of years old. What gets through: Chem­istry. #kathysier­ra

Best design phi­los­o­phy: Zero to Smile in three clic ks. (From the mak­ers of Spore)

And some very Cool links that I learned about here:

The Best Of the Twit­ter­sphere:

Ded­i­cat­ed to the art of Pow­er­point shar­ing:

Get cor­po­ra­tions to respond to com­plaints: (And should we in Green­peace think about using this to get cus­tomer sup­port for Plan­et Earth??)

Track Twit­ter tags:

Text, video, pic­ture shar­ing net­work:

Face­book Con­nect:

Crowd sourced dis­as­ter report­ing:

Event Live Blog­ging:

Crowd sourced adver­tis­ing:

Cre­ate your own the­me song, which plays every time you come into the room where your blue+tooth enabled device detects it:

Mobile Activism — cell phones as activist tools:

This guy, an online wine blog­ger, was treat­ed like a rock star here:

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