Non-profit ROI Poetry Slam

Live from the Nonprofit Poetry Slam #roi on TwitPic

Fan­tas­tic to watch, impos­si­ble to describe,
A poet­ry slam about non-prof­it ROI
The groups that take blogs and face­books and twit­ters
And turn them to sav­ing both peo­ple and crit­ters
Spun iambics and rhymes around all their ban­ter
In this pan­el assem­bled by (bril­liant) Beth Kan­ter
They told of Twes­t­i­vals, LoL Seals, and Apps
That raised mon­ey, aware­ness, and the eye­brows of chaps
In man­age­ment who aren’t down with the groove
Of using the­se cool social mar­ket­ing tools
They took tweets from the audi­ence, how cool is that?
And one of them wore that cat hat cat’s hat!
I loved it, I learned stuff, I had a great time
And yeah, I was the guy who was tweet­ing in rhyme.

Beth’s Blog has the full text of the poems and links to the organ­i­sa­tions and cam­paigns.

A cou­ple sam­ples:

The Tweets:

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