Greenpeace in a repressive regime

Fish at ecampaigning forum
Fish Yu gave us some great insights into com­put­er use in Chi­na and the Green­peace cam­paign again­st dis­pos­able chop­sticks there. And James Stewart’s excep­tion­al live­blog­ging skills cap­tured the whole thing.

Now, how big a prob­lem are dis­pos­able chop­sticks, you might ask. Well, when you make 67 BILLION of them every year for one-time use, that’s a lot of resources.

But the chop­stick cam­paign is also fol­low­ing in a long tra­di­tion that our for­mer chair­man David McTag­gart advo­cat­ed: always have a soft, easy to under­stand issue which draws a wide spec­trum of sup­port­ers. Estab­lish a rela­tion­ship with them, and then work them up to the hard­er stuff. This is one of those sim­ple con­cepts that make step­ping across that mag­ic line between pas­sive wit­ness and tak­ing action easy.

But all this has noth­ing to do with the title of this blog, which refers to the tri­als and tribu­la­tions of our US office, which Moth­er Jones has revealed was tar­get­ted by for­mer secret ser­vice agents. Dark ops and dump­ster-div­ing: worth a read for any­one look­ing to get an inside glimpse of the lau­rel and hardy antics of Spy­World. I espe­cial­ly liked the inter­nal email about how they were going to fid­dle their invoice. World needs more upstand­ing folk like this pro­tect­ing democ­ra­cy.

3 thoughts on “Greenpeace in a repressive regime”

  1. Glad I re-read the title hear. On first glance my brain reg­is­tered ” Green­peace is a repres­sive regime”.

    I was most per­turbed and curi­ous to read furhter and see what the hell was trou­bling you. Then I re-read the title and .…well… yeah… 😉

    Time for me to start get­ting more sleep I reck­on.

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