A cou­ple of my images of MacHug­gers which I took dur­ing our Green my Apple Cam­paign will be in the forth­com­ing “Mac­Heads” film. Producer/Director Kobi She­ly sent me a link to the trail­er, and it looks great.

[swf movie=“” /]

Killer quote: “I have nev­er know­ing­ly slept with a Win­dows user. Ever.”

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  1. Hey Bri­an…,
    “I’ve nev­er know­ing­ly slept with a win­dows user.” Oh God, …is that what’s been wrong for the­se fif­teen long years?
    I had a good friend in the Marine Corps years ago that was aller­gic to wool. We used to rub him down every week or so, …so he’d break out. They were going to dis­charge him for his aller­gy, and we real­ly didn’t want him to go. They should keep some sheep in the back­yard there, or have some wool handy, just in case you ever think about wan­der­ing off after 25 years.

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