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I was look­ing for Veer­le Pieter’s blog about design­ing the Green­myap­ple site on Sat­ur­day and my search on “Veer­le Pieters Green­myap­ple” stum­bled upon my own Flickr DNA page — some­thing I didn’t know existed.Flickr DNA just does a great job of aggre­gat­ing every­thing that Flickr knows about you: who your friends are, what your favorite shots are, your group mem­ber­ships, your most inter­est­ing pho­tos. Scary? Nah. I chose to put my iden­ti­ty out there, and if it gets refract­ed and reflect­ed in ways I can’t con­trol, well that’s kin­da what iden­ti­ty is all about: it’s not a mono­logue.
The nifty “ego surf” sec­tion led me to a dozen sites using my Flickr pho­tos that I knew noth­ing about: Every­thing from “Mil­lion­aire Mom­my Next Store” using a pho­to of my son with marsh­mal­low all over his face to kid’s games sites to cat pho­to sites to Dun­can Rawlinson’s Last Min­ute Blog use of a shot of Bruce Ster­ling to Jour­nal­istopia, which used a pho­to I took of Kathy Sier­ra hug­ging her Mac at SXSW last year.

As some­one who is con­stant­ly look­ing for good pho­tos to illus­trate sto­ries, I found it supreme­ly sat­is­fy­ing to see my work inte­grat­ed into the work of oth­ers — a silent col­lab­o­ra­tion I’ve been hav­ing with oth­er sites sim­ply by putting images into a cen­tral repos­i­to­ry. Some­how the fact that this was hap­pen­ing unbe­known­st just gives it an added zing.
I shoot under a Cre­ative Com­mons License which only requires attri­bu­tion, and every site I saw hon­ored that hon­or sys­tem. Neat.

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3 thoughts on “Flickr DNA

  1. Oh the web the inter­net weaves. I just found your blog through Tech­no­rati because you includ­ed my link in your post. I LOVE your pho­to of your son cov­ered in marsh­mal­low.

    I’m a shut­ter­bug myself, but with blog­ging and a tod­dler, have been tak­ing a break. Thanks for allow­ing me (and oth­ers) to use your fab­u­lous pho­to! If you’re curi­ous to find oth­er men­tions of you online, con­sid­er sign­ing up for Google Alerts.

    My hats off to you, too, for writ­ing about some­thing near and dear to me as well– moth­er earth.

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