On not being kicked out of the IWC

Japan didn’t launch the res­o­lu­tion we expect­ed, demand­ing that Green­peace be bounced from the Inter­na­tion­al Whal­ing Com­mis­sion. Instead, they took a watered down ver­sion (which Andrew calls the diplo­mat­ic eqi­va­lent of a “group hug.” Nobody sup­ports unsafe sea­man­ship, nobody sup­ports vio­lence at sea, nobody sup­ports reck­less­ness. All agreed.

But then they go and issue a press release say­ing the com­mis­sion con­demned Green­peace and that we rammed their ship. Sheesh. I can’t remem­ber my debate ter­mi­nol­o­gy any­more, but what’s the name for a log­i­cal pro­gres­sion that’s based on a false step? Like, 

1. The com­mis­sion con­demned the killing of kit­tens.
2. Green­peace kills kit­tens.
3. There­fore, the com­mis­sion has con­demned Green­peace.

Yeah, what­ev­er form of a syl­lo­giswhat­sit that is, that’s what it is. What’s worse is JAPAN is the kit­ten killer here: They rammed the Arc­tic Sun­rise, and every sin­gle soul aboard those two ships knows it.

Fact is, Japan has nev­er made a com­plaint to the author­i­ties about the alleged ram­ming because they were already told they’d lose. The Dutch Gov­ern­ment accept­ed a del­e­ga­tion from Japan to hear their evi­dence, and this is what they said:

Com­plaints about activ­i­ties on the high seas are sub­ject to due process. All
ves­sels under our flag are required to adhere strict­ly to all reg­u­la­tions.

Fol­low­ing the alleged col­li­sion on Jan 8, the facts and videos do not lead
to a con­clu­sion as to who was in the wrong.”

Had the Japan­ese gov­ern­ment want­ed to debate it at the IWC, we were ready with charts with cir­cles and arrows and ani­ma­tions and video footage from the actu­al inci­dent. THAT would have been too embarass­ing, so they chose the sneak attack of get­ting an ano­dyne state­ment passed and say­ing it proved their case. 

The fact is, Green­peace has nev­er killed a kit­ten. OR rammed a ship. It’s not in our nature, it’s again­st every prin­ci­ple of non-vio­lence that we stand for. This is why we part­ed ways with Paul WAt­son many years ago: a dis­agree­ment about prin­ci­ple trans­lat­ed into a dif­fer­ence about tac­tics. Green­peace doesn’t ram ships. We may risk our own lives, but we don’t put the lives of oth­ers at risk. In 20+ years with the organ­i­sa­tion, I have nev­er met a cam­paign­er or a cap­tain who dis­agreed with that prin­ci­ple or pro­mot­ed an alter­na­tive course of action.

Japan is lying when they say Green­peace rammed their ship, just as they lie when they say they are whal­ing for sci­en­tific research. You can’t trust some­body with a har­poon in their hands.

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