Outfoxing Trump: A Story

Mister Fox
Creative Commons image BY-SA by Karthikeyan K.

Mister Fox popped a blueberry into the air and pointed his whiskers skyward. I was trying to explain the US election to him.

So what was the happy ending that Occupy, Clinton, and Bernie were promising?” he asked, munching on the caught blueberry.

What do you mean,” I responded, grabbing in midair the next blueberry he popped up, “Haven’t you been listening to a word I’ve said? Reduced economic inequality, better access to health care and education for more people, less discrimination, a concentrated effort against climate change.”

Mister Fox sniffed. “See, all I remember was that one guy… what was his name? The one with the fabulous orange colouring?” he asked, looking down momentary at his own flaming coat of auburn and gold, “the one who promised to “Make America Great Again.”

I bet he won. He stole what should have been their line, and was the only one talking about the most important part of the story.”



Are you telling the most important part of your story or are you being outfoxed and out-storied by someone else? I have three reduced-fee last-minute tickets to a day-long introduction to Story as Theory of Change, with practical exercises straight from Mister Fox’s bag of storytelling tricks.  We will gather this coming Tuesday 21st of March, at the Four Paws office in London. PM me on Twitter, @Brianfit in the next 72 hours for a happy ending to this and future stories!

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