Hashtag-detecting toy protests Shell Arctic oil rig

Greenpeace’s cam­paign to get LEGO to sev­er its rela­tion­ship with Shell prompt­ed me to reach out to the mak­er com­mu­ni­ty on one of my favorite sites, Instructables.com, with this lit­tle project. It’s a Shell oil rig being board­ed peace­ful­ly by a lit­tle LEGO minifig who cel­e­brates every time some­one tweets the cam­paign hash­tag, #BLOCKSHELL, by mak­ing some noise, flash­ing a light, and send­ing the lit­tle activist dude up his climb­ing rope. The instructable for how to make it is here.

But seri­ous­ly, LEGO, build­ing this remind­ed me of just what an amaz­ing toy you have, and what a huge respon­si­bil­i­ty you have to be inspir­ing human inge­nu­ity among old and young alike to do some­thing about the cri­sis our plan­et faces, rather than let the halo effect of your won­der­ful brand get used by an oil com­pa­ny to make more mon­ey on its destruc­tion. LEGO, do the awe­some thing. Stand up for the future of the kids you inspire.

UPDATE: Thank you Lego, for doing the right thing and part­ing ways with Shell. If more com­pa­nies fol­low your exam­ple, we can #SaveT­heArc­tic.

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