Hashtag-detecting toy protests Shell Arctic oil rig

Greenpeace’s campaign to get LEGO to sever its relationship with Shell prompted me to reach out to the maker community on one of my favorite sites, Instructables.com, with this little project. It’s a Shell oil rig being boarded peacefully by a little LEGO minifig who celebrates every time someone tweets the campaign hashtag, #BLOCKSHELL, by making some noise, flashing a light, and sending the little activist dude up his climbing rope. The instructable for how to make it is here.

But seriously, LEGO, building this reminded me of just what an amazing toy you have, and what a huge responsibility you have to be inspiring human ingenuity among old and young alike to do something about the crisis our planet faces, rather than let the halo effect of your wonderful brand get used by an oil company to make more money on its destruction. LEGO, do the awesome thing. Stand up for the future of the kids you inspire.

UPDATE: Thank you Lego, for doing the right thing and parting ways with Shell. If more companies follow your example, we can #SaveTheArctic.

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