Twitter page reactions

Ok, too much panetone trifle over the holidays, let’s start back into the New Year light.

I remember back in the 90s being very excited about an application with which you could apply a virtual post-it note to a web page. We thought this was killer — you could surround greenwash pages with reality checks, you could cross-reference pages trumpeting nuclear power as a global warming solution with all the reasons the Kyoto scientists refused to put it in the credits column. But of course, it required a dedicated app for those who posted and those who read the notes, so we had a very small community of people reading one another’s comments. The app never took off in a way that it really made a hit.

But twitter has an API call that allows you to gather references to any page into a single set of tweets, and some clever git named Gombo has made a Chrome extension called Twitter reactions out of it. Hey Presto, post-it notes for the web, and another great way to do page commentary and brand monitoring with Twitter.

Thanks, Gombo!

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