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Ok, too much pane­tone tri­fle over the hol­i­days, let’s start back into the New Year light.

I remem­ber back in the 90s being very excit­ed about an appli­ca­tion with which you could apply a vir­tu­al post-it note to a web page. We thought this was killer — you could sur­round green­wash pages with real­i­ty checks, you could cross-ref­er­ence pages trum­pet­ing nuclear pow­er as a glob­al warm­ing solu­tion with all the rea­sons the Kyoto sci­en­tists refused to put it in the cred­its column. But of course, it required a ded­i­cat­ed app for those who post­ed and those who read the notes, so we had a very small com­mu­ni­ty of peo­ple read­ing one another’s com­ments. The app nev­er took off in a way that it real­ly made a hit.

But twit­ter has an API call that allows you to gath­er ref­er­ences to any page into a sin­gle set of tweets, and some clev­er git named Gom­bo has made a Chrome exten­sion called Twit­ter reac­tions out of it. Hey Presto, post-it notes for the web, and anoth­er great way to do page com­men­tary and brand mon­i­tor­ing with Twit­ter.

Thanks, Gom­bo!

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