There are a thousand other things I should be doing at the moment, but this 4am I woke up to find this video on Facebook from my fellow madman Marcelo Inniara. How many people know what Innophoria is? The fake dictionary in the intro defines it as that feeling of sublime content that washes over one after coming up with a really good idea. I love this concept, and the game which Marcelo is designing: he’s asking Online Social Networking campaigners to share what’s worked and what hasn’t in their innovation efforts, and create “Good cards” and “Bad cards” from their real life experience. Fantastic idea. The game goes live in March 2009. Site’s still a bit buggy, but there’s a negative card for the fictional Lucy and Joe: “I created a site that could have recruited a whole heap of people, but the signup form was broken during our peak traffic!” Ok, I know we’re talking a limited audience here, but you know who you are people — this isn’t a game, this is the story of your life.[swf movie=“” width=“425” height=“344” /]

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