Sweet, green apple

Parody ad by Brian Fitzgerald for Green my Apple
Parody ad by Brian Fitzgerald for Green my Apple
Green My Apple

It’s near­ly mid­night, and tat­tered rem­nants of Team Green my Apple are still in the office. Zeina is prac­ti­cal­ly hoarse from whoop­ing. Elaine has gone home after a marathon Flash cod­ing exer­cise to change the front page of the Green my Apple site. Tom is at home with his new­born baby Mia, but here in spir­it. We’ve got a web­sto­ry up and an ezine out, all in a mat­ter of hours after we spot­ted some­thing we’ve all been wait­ing for on apple.com: a beau­ti­ful lit­tle badge, in green on a recy­cled oat­meal paper back­ground, say­ing “A Green­er Apple” and link­ing to a let­ter from Steve Jobs say­ing “Today, we’re chang­ing our pol­i­cy.”

There aren’t many cam­paigns where the CEO of your tar­get steps out and responds direct­ly to your demands, and while Apple hasn’t gone far enough to, as Bruce Ster­ling blogs, Call the Green­peace dogs off (and Bruce, as an offi­cial Mac Hug­ger, is one of those dogs!), he’s cer­tain­ly done a Big Thing in acknowl­edg­ing the will of his share­hold­ers, cus­tomers, and employ­ees for Apple to be a green lead­er.

Com­ment in the blo­gos­phere seems divid­ed between those who see this as Jobs’ rev­e­la­tion that Green­peace was wrong and those who see this as the con­fir­ma­tion that Green­peace was right — or at least acknowl­edge that Apple has moved. Jobs’ let­ter was an excel­lent piece of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, weav­ing inten­tions with accom­plish­ments to cre­ate the impres­sion that it has all been a sim­ple fail­ure of Apple to express ade­quate­ly how green it already is.

But Apple has moved, and it has been moved by its own fans. The deci­sion to remove PVC and Bromi­nat­ed Fire Retar­dants from the pro­duct line by 2008 is not only new and pre­cise­ly what the cam­paign was ask­ing for, it’s more ambitous than any oth­er manufacturer’s sched­ule. Michael Dell is phas­ing them out by 2009, so it may be time for him to up the ante by mov­ing his dead­line up, though he has already chal­lenged the indus­try to adopt a world­wide take back pol­i­cy, a chal­lenge Apple has not risen to.

We’d been expect­ing an announce­ment from Apple pre­vi­ous to their AGM, and while spec­u­la­tion was ram­pant about what we’d get, this is pret­ty close to our expect­ed sce­nar­io: a good, mean­ing­ful step in the right direc­tion, and some indi­ca­tions of far more for­ward-think­ing devel­op­ments to come.

There’s no describ­ing what today was like. We’ve been on adren­a­line over­drive since 7pm, it’s now past 3am, and I don’t want to let this day go. This has been a tremen­dous con­fir­ma­tion of the pow­er of con­sumer cam­paign­ing. It’s been a great exam­ple of Green­peace 2.0, exe­cut­ed by a knock-out team of the finest trou­ble­mak­ers you’d ever care to meet.
A Web­by Award and half a cam­paign win in the space of two days. It just doesn’t get much bet­ter than this.
Selah. And so to bed.

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5 thoughts on “Sweet, green apple”

  1. Con­grat­u­la­tions, Bri­an 🙂
    Your efforts have paid off — you should know greenpeace’s efforts are appre­ci­at­ed — except when you guys get vio­lent, that is 🙂

  2. Con­grat­u­la­tions Bri­an — sure­ly the fantab­u­lous Green­myap­ple site (cul­mi­nat­ing with a Web­by!) had some­thing to do with this won­der­ful vic­to­ry.

    Great work from you and your team.

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