My Google homepage GONE?

Jakob Nielsen used to say that the best test of whether you’d cre­at­ed a use­ful web­site was this: take it down. See how many peo­ple scream.

Google, if you’re lis­ten­ing, I AM SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This morn­ing I went to log into my Google Home­page, which over the last mon­th I’ve honed to an infor­ma­tion con­sole that I’m now total­ly, com­plete­ly, utter­ly depen­dent on, to find it gone.
Van­ished my Google Ana­lyt­ics graph track­ing my per­son­al and work web­site traf­fic lev­els in a glance.
Gone my Tab of RSS feeds from my friends blogs which gave me a one glance sense of what was new.

Gone my Zeit­Geist tab of what was hot on Tech­no­rati and

Gone my CALENDAR, with my day’s appoint­ments pulled out for me to see. Gone my news feed of every­thing that inter­ests me, includ­ing my Cepha­lapod News Search.

Gone my GMAIL feed, gone my quote of the day, gone my what’s new in the Pyn­chon Wiki, gone even that goofy top ban­ner beach the­me in which the sun­rise and sun­set were syn­chro­nized to my time­zone.

Please, please, please, Google, or some­body, tell tell me there’s a way to get this back, and that I don’t have to spend anoth­er mon­th rebuild­ing.

You’ve killed my morn­ing more thor­ough­ly than some­one steal­ing into my house in the night and swip­ing every form of caf­feine in the cup­board.
This is one of the dan­gers of mov­ing our desk­tops out on the web: we’re reliant on the sup­port and tech­ni­cal stew­ard­ship of a remote and inac­ces­si­ble par­ty, and when things like this go wrong, oh lordy, how wrong they go…

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6 thoughts on “My Google homepage GONE?”

  1. My google page says I have been signed out and to sign in to see. When I go to set­tings every­thing is list­ed but when I hit save it doesn’t help? I’m not sure I ever signed in before. How can I get it back?

  2. Yep. Gone is every­thing I ever owned from google too. Gone is my gmail, read­er, picasa, google ana­lyt­ics. I still have the account, but NOTHING is attached to it any­more. All gone.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they would fix this!

  3. I was won­der­ing if you were affect­ed when I read about this. The paid ver­sion of this ser­vice now comes with an SLA I believe. Not sure if you have to be a com­pa­ny to sign up for it though.

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