Geocoding Flickr photos & other idle occupations

Papaya. Hawaiian PapayaStretch­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­hh. Today is a hol­i­day in the Nether­lands and I took the day off (well, most of the day, there was a sto­ry on GE Papaya and what it has done to the Hawai­ian papaya mar­ket to post.) Oth­er than that, a day of play­ing with the boys and pur­su­ing idle thoughts and inter­ests:

–I not­ed that say­ing “Hawai­ian Papaya” out loud does fun­ny things to your face.
–I put togeth­er a graph­ic for the “The debate about cli­mate change is over” cam­paign and then decid­ed it was obvi­ous depress­ing and sucky.
–But I had fun learn­ing how to cre­ate flam­ing let­ters in pho­to­shop and twist­ing and dis­tort­ing text. I’m offi­cial­ly nuts about
Doon taught me the prop­er steps for the dis­as­sem­bly, clean­ing, and reassem­bly of a B-Daman
–Marth and I talked about installing a new pump and fil­ter in the fish pond, but it was a cold and driz­zly day and we moped out the win­dow
–I added a dai­ly update on news about squid to my RSS news feed.
–Final­ly found the arti­cle on build­ing smarter to-do lists at 43 Fold­ers which I orig­i­nal­ly read in Make Mag­a­zine. Whole lot of sense here.
–I geo­t­agged some of my pho­tos on Flickr so you can see the pre­cise loca­tion they were tak­en.
–I set up a store over at Cafe­press sell­ing t-shirts and var­i­ous items ded­i­cat­ed to irrad­i­cat­ing apos­tro­phe abuse
–I read a bit from my cur­rent book, a despair­ing­ly medioc­re pot­boil­er try­ing to be lit­er­a­ture, Shad­ow of the Wind
–Went O boy O boy when I saw that Antho­ny Lane was review­ing the Da Vin­ci Code in the New York­er, and cheat­ed by read­ing it online rather than wait­ing for my copy in the post. Howl­ing­ly fun­ny.
–I updat­ed some of my book­marks
–I down­load­ed the match sched­ule for the world cup to post on the refrig­er­a­tor and was dis­s­ap­point­ed to see that the luck of the group­ings means a US-Iran game is near­ly impos­si­ble, except in the unlike­ly event that both teams make the semi-finals. Ha.
–Tried to explain the World Cup to Doon. He want­ed to know what team Beck­ham will play for, and what hap­pens if he ends up play­ing again­st his own team­mates. He’s not accept­ing that Dutch team Ajax doesn’t play in the World Cup.
–HawAI­ian PapAYa. HAwai­ian PApaya. HawaI­Ian PapaYA.
–Right now I want des­per­ate­ly to fig­ure out why WordPress’s Add URL link opens in a tiny unre­size­able win­dow that’s small­er than the fill in fields it con­tains and which clears the clip­board into which you’ve just copied your link. Agro-vat­ing. Update: Fix for the win­dow size prob­lem found here!
–Noo­dled around a bit on the gui­tar, which I NEVER do any­more.
So all that was fun. Hope tomorrow’s weath­er is bet­ter so I can get some real work done.


3 thoughts on “Geocoding Flickr photos & other idle occupations”

  1. Oh, awe­some! Thanks for the link to Lview! I just want to do sil­ly, sim­ple things for now, so I’ll check that out. I’m less of a soft­ware moron than I used to be, but that isn’t say­ing much.

    Off-top­ic (well, that’s what this thread is about, heh), check out how jus­tice has been served to the oily cli­mate crim­i­nals. It makes me almost as hap­py as see­ing Ken Lay do the perp walk on Fri­day 😀 !

  2. I love what pho­to­shop does, hate their pric­ing. Insane amount of mon­ey. Before I got bit by the MUST-HAVE-FULL-FEATURED-PROFESSIONAL-PACKAGE virus, I used Lview for many years. Dead sim­ple, but with lots of stuff under the hood to grow with you as you pro­gress. High­ly rec­om­mend it, and ani­ma­tions is actu­al­ly one of the things it does *bet­ter* than Photoshop/imageready — or at least it puts the task before you more intu­itive­ly. Until my morn­ing start­ed with open­ing Pho­to­shop and I had a proces­sor fast enough to keep it open all day, I used to run Lview for small graph­ic tasks as it load­ed up about a squil­lion times faster than pota­to­chop. Share­ware.

  3. Hey Bri­an!

    The weath­er absolute­ly sucked yes­ter­day, so I can see why you were so bored 😉

    Love the Cafe­Press shop! The whole apos­tro­phe thing dri­ves me NUTS. I’ve noticed that lots of peo­ple don’t use apos­tro­ph­es the­se days; I asked about it once on a blog, and the answer was that it evolved from peo­ple being lazy on instant mes­sag­ing. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it spread to blogs — argh!!!! What’s even worse is the peo­ple who can’t find their shift key at all and have blog entries like this:

    im read­ing about irans nuclear pro­gram. the wash­ing­ton post says that its def­i­nite­ly bad news. ive seen this sort of thing before. com­ments, any­one? please check it out, ive cross-post­ed this.

    Speak­ing of Pho­to­shop, I have an image edit­ing pro­gram ques­tion for you. I’m too cheap to buy Pho­to­shop, so I found a knock­off of it called Pho­to­Line 32. It’s share­ware, so I’m try­ing it out for 30 days, but it’s hard­ly user-friend­ly. Do you know any­thing about it? I’m enter­tain­ing myself try­ing to make ani­mat­ed gifs, but it isn’t going too well.

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