Best joke in a long time: Carbon Dioxide — they call it pollution, we call it life.

co2They call it a compelling challenge to global warming alarmism. We call it a hilarious testament to PR crapola!

Those wild and crazy folks over at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (AKA Climate Skeptics, Inc) are worried that CO2 has gotten a bad name, so they’re pouring those hard-earned Exxon dollars into a couple tv spots to polish up its image. You gotta pity these guys. Scientists who’ll say Global Warming is a myth are getting harder and harder to buy, Corporations that want to be associated with their hamfisted dirty tricks are fleeing like proverbial rats from a sinking ship, and the best they can muster is the subliminal message that if you think CO2 is a pollutant, you’re anti-civilization and have a problem with little girls in white dresses puffing dandelion clocks into the wind. Owww. That hurts.

3 thoughts on “Best joke in a long time: Carbon Dioxide — they call it pollution, we call it life.”

  1. Unfinished explanation of combustion process from fossil fuel. Combustion turns good co2 into nitrous oxide, the cause of global warming. You need combustion to convert water to steam to electricity. Its a very profitable for the energy business, and the biggest contributor to greenhouse is the governments of the US-fed,staste and local. They are the largest users of electricity- Talk about the kettle calling the pot black.

  2. jesus wept. you couldn’t make this shit up. no seriously, if i had seen that without an introduction from this blog i would have thought that was an onion pisstake.

  3. We watched these yesterday and couldn’t stop laughing. I downloaded the scripts from the CEI. Absolute comedy gold. I have no choice but to edit it:

    The fuels that produce C02 have freed us from a world of back-breaking labor, lighting up our lives, allowing us to create and move the things we need, the people we love.

    Translation: “We’ve made so much money off CO2 Exxon’s oil that we can go on a skiing vacation in St. Moritz. Wait, where’s the snow? You say it melted? It’s gone for good?”

    I think I’ll amuse myself with these guys today 😉

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