Piñata of bad American Debt

If you love a good rant (and who doesn’t love a good rant?) check out the pod­casts from Max and Sta­cy of Karma­ban­que. I wrote a pro­file on this “Bon­ny and Clyde” of Karma­ban­que some time ago, and in the inter­im they’ve launched an out­ra­geous set of audio spews which take a kilo of eco­nom­ic smarts (Max is ex-Wall Street) adds a truck­load of activist atti­tude, a train­car of col­or­ful lan­guage and mix­es it into an explod­ing cake of fast-paced screed and invic­tive again­st the “Stu­pid­oc­ra­cy” of the west­ern gov­ern­ments and their cor­po­rate sock-pup­peteers. No holds barred, in your face, get-out-in-the-streets stuff. They have swum with the pira­nhas. They know how they work.


2 thoughts on “Piñata of bad American Debt”

  1. Thanks, Page! And yep, that font size needs to increase and the­se col­ors need to go — I took a sage piece of advice from a wise friend who said “Design comes sec­ond — get some text out the door” and basi­cal­ly stole this tem­plate from anoth­er blog.


  2. Ohh, spiffy blog, Bri­an! I like it, a lot! My only prob­lem is that it’s hard to see what I’m typ­ing; for some rea­son, the font is real­l­ly small. And my eye­sight isn’t so great, but that’s anoth­er sto­ry, heh.

    Thanks for the link to Karmabanque’s pod­casts. I’m lis­ten­ing to “Sun­day Roast with the Monar­chs of Mon­e­tarism” right now, and it’s GREAT. “The cor­po­rate occu­piers” as an anal­o­gy to the monar­chies of the past is per­fect.

    I should rec­om­mend this to a French finan­cial dude who’s a blog­ger friend of mine. He’ll appre­ci­ate Max and Stacy’s sen­ti­ments.

    Believe it or not, even though I am a hard­core inter­net nerd, this is the first time I’ve lis­tened to a pod­cast. It’s a great way to start!

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