How Geek am I? When Bruce Ster­ling was giv­ing his pre­sen­ta­tion on Spime at SXSW he cit­ed a very cool illus­tar­tion of what he means my objects locat­able in space and time: when you get up in the morn­ing, you won’t hunt for your shoes, you�ll just google them. 

I was read­ing the Wikipedia entry on Spime at that moment, and there was noth­ing so con­crete there, so I updat­ed the entry live while he was talk­ing.

I told Dane Petersen this as I came out of the hall and he did the full-on Nerd Fist pump and high five, to my great amuse­ment. He also told me that last year Ster­ling had brought a 3D print­er along and had demon­strat­ed an object’s tran­si­tion from vir­tu­al space to physcial space by print­ing out some objects for the audi­ence. Dane was in the back of the hall and fig­ured he was Peo­ple in the back fig­ured they were nev­er going to get to see what one looked like, until some­one at the front took a pic­ture, upload­ed it to Flickr, and the whole room had it in sec­onds via the pro­jec­tion screen — send­ing the object back from phys­i­cal space to Vir­tu­al.

Damn. This place is Geek­out Cen­tral.

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