How Geek am I? When Bruce Sterling was giving his presentation on Spime at SXSW he cited a very cool illustartion of what he means my objects locatable in space and time: when you get up in the morning, you won’t hunt for your shoes, you�ll just google them. 

I was reading the Wikipedia entry on Spime at that moment, and there was nothing so concrete there, so I updated the entry live while he was talking.

I told Dane Petersen this as I came out of the hall and he did the full-on Nerd Fist pump and high five, to my great amusement. He also told me that last year Sterling had brought a 3D printer along and had demonstrated an object’s transition from virtual space to physcial space by printing out some objects for the audience. Dane was in the back of the hall and figured he was People in the back figured they were never going to get to see what one looked like, until someone at the front took a picture, uploaded it to Flickr, and the whole room had it in seconds via the projection screen — sending the object back from physical space to Virtual. 

Damn. This place is Geekout Central.

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