I shook the hand of the walrus

I shook the hand of Aman­da Con­g­don!!! OK, I know every geek­boy on the plan­et has a crush on the Rock­et­Boom Hostes­sisi­ma, but how many could walk up to her after an SXSW pan­el and offer to let her guest pod­cast from the deck of the Rain­bow War­rior?

Despite the fact that I am reel­ing with a Tan­quer­ay and Ton­ic hang­over from the SXSW after par­ty, I’m still jit­tery with hav­ing met so many peo­ple I’ve been read­ing or watch­ing for years: Aman­da, Bruce Ster­ling, Doc Sear­les, Jason Kot­tke James Surowiecki.

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